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  • Mah-Jongg – Solitaire as a Multiplayer Challenge

    Initially invented as a four player game, the 150 -year old tile game “Mah Jongg” in its solitaire version has gained its solid position in the world of online browser games. The various free versions have in common, that they have a single player mode, which has the goal to dismantle the given figures by removing the stone pairs one after another.

    “Mah Jongg – Legacy of Morxius stands out of the mass by having a multiplayer version. Experience fascinating multiplayer duels and compete against thousands of players from all over the world for the crown of the Mahjongg champion.

    The free online browser game “Mah Jongg – Legacy of Morxius” allows you to sharpen your combination skills to be able to clear your game board faster than your opponent.
  • A Classic Board Game with a New Look

    The computer game version of the Chinese classic board game “Mah-Jongg”, which came on the market first in the 1980s and has been adapted various times since then, differs from the original in essential aspects: similar to the card game Rommé the players try their best to form complete figures like pairs, triplets or the so-called “Chows” - sequences of three stones - of a base color and to gain points by doing so.

    The solitaire version, which can also often be found as an online browser game, challenges the player to free the stones, which are arranged one above the other or next to each other and form various “pictures”, by removing them in pairs.

    With “Mah Jongg – Legacy of Morxius” we present exciting multiplayer duels, varied challenges and the possibility to create your gaming environment in an individual way. Register now for “Mah Jongg – Legacy of Morxius” and play your way to the top!
  • Free Online Fun

    “Mah Jongg – Legacy of Morxius” combines the solitaire version with exciting multiplayer competitions: the different gaming boards demand from each player his/her full concentration during fascinating online multiplayer duels.

    Design your own avatar and battle against the time and real players from all over the world in diverse environments to lead the high score as unbeatable Mah-Jongg champion.

    The free browser game “Mah Jongg – Legacy of Morxius” demands skills, tactics and strategies - only this way will you be able to defeat your opponent by using the lowest number of moves within the shortest amount of time and collect valuable points and benefits during the game. Register now and compete against players from all over the world in exciting duels in “Mah Jongg – Legacy of Morxius”!

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